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Limit Your Time In The Bathroom: Tips For Sharing A Bathroom With Roommates

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One person alone shouldn’t have to do all the cleaning, especially whenit gets to wiping down the toilet, sink and shower, while it’s a good idea to clean up after yourself. Set a regular schedule that the bathroom gets cleaned once a week, instead of pinning most of the cleaning on one roommate. After 20 waterboarding minutes porcelain, Know what, I reached down to grab some paper and started to measure out a rather generous portion. Put a few overhead hooks on the back of the bathroom door to hang towels. This is where it starts getting very interesting, right? Every roommate should have a separate colored towel and hang it on removable hooks. It’s not only messy, it also makes it a problem to keep track of whose towel is whose, Therefore if you all leave your towels in that room. So, this takes most of clutter out of your bathroom.

Whenever shaving cream and more all in that small space, consider putting all of your items into your very own shower caddy that you store in your room, instead of storing all of your bathroom essentials like shampoo, body wash. You have to remember that other people should be waiting for the bathroom, you may need to finish that last chapter of the book you’ve been reading while you’re waiting for the shower to heat up. Take the extra minute to tidy it up, if you’re the one that makes this mess.

Usually, living with roommates can be a mess. Anyways, you’re probably not should be I’d say if you come into the bathroom and see hair scattered on the shower wall and toothpaste residue all over the mirror.

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