With That Said, This Limits The Quantity Of Stuff That You Put In There – The Over The Toilet Cabinet Keep You Organized

Bathroom Cabinet above Toilet

Bathroom Cabinet above Toilet We recently took on the project of adding storage space in our tiny half bathroom.

It is the main bathroom on the main level in our house is only about the size of a coat closet.

By the way I had the idea my talented husband brought it to fruition, as is usually the case. Find a totally different spot for so doesn’t look cluttered. Move onto the weekly stuff, as soon as you have all the daily stuff put away. You can tuck them away so nobody sees them. Go ahead and put it in there, So if there is a shampoo or special conditioner that you only use once a week and there’s still a slew of room in your shower. This is where it starts getting really intriguing. The shampoo that you only use a couple times a year since it’s only for a certain hairstyle doesn’t need to be in your shower almost any day. You should take it into account. Basically the special use items don’t need to be out and visible. Identical going to be true to cleaning supplies. Actually, like the toilet brush and the shower spray should’ve been readily accessible and placed right where you use them, the ones you use any single day.

Bathroom Cabinet above Toilet Over the toilet cabinet makes sense for every bathroom Whether a luxuriously large bathroom,, or you have a small bathroom.

It adds a decorative touch to a part of your bathroom that you don’t like to draw attention to.

It’s just wasted space, if you don’t a cabinet or shelves over your toilet. Therefore, there’s always stuff you need over by the toilet. Now pay attention please. It should take the attention off of the toilet. That said, there’re essentially two over types the toilet cabinets. I am sure that the floor standing cabinets have legs that go up quite high.

You can mount it higher if it’s ‘wallmounted’, that allows you to utilize plenty of higher up space better.

There’s the wall mounting cabinets and the floor standing cabinets.

You might seek for to mount this to the wall anyway since it’s this particular tall piece of furniture that it may be more stable if it’s a braced to the wall.a bunch of white makes the space look a larger, So if you have a small space. Over toilet cabinets come in a couple of different finishes. That’s a decent option, Therefore if your walls are whitish. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… With a closing cabinet you can put stuff in there that should otherwise look like clutter.

It will make the space look smaller, you can paint it a contrasting color I’d say if you need.

White is the most common.

It is especially popular if you have chrome faucets and cabinet handles in other parts of your bathroom. Of course, this limits the percentage of stuff that you put in there. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Therefore this isn’t a good spot for your toothbrushes or your floss. You need to keep your lid down as much as possible Whether not,, or you have a cabinet over it. You still don’t need essential items above your toilet as sometimes things happen. Your toilet actually sprays bacteria and germs all over your bathroom, whenever you flush. Sometimes you just stand up right after you use it and reach into the cabinet without thinking. It’s a great spot for toilet paper, just note And so it’s possible one could fall in. Anything you put over the toilet is might be at risk of falling into it. So, people don’t like to think about this. Also, you can minimize lots of the risks by keeping the lid down generally.

For the most part there’re definitely things that you don’t need to be stored over your toilet.

People forget to put the toilet seat down.

Maybe you’re on it and you need more toilet paper, and you reach up and knock stuff down. You’ll have to stand on the seat to reach that high up stuff. Usually, this means you can’t get to stuff that is a lot taller than yourself. Whenever you reach into it you’re intending to have to reach over the toilet. Make sure you scratch a comment about it below. You won’t be held to reach it. You may use these HTML tags and attributes. Please see our full disclosure here.

Remodelaholic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. I would like to ask you a question. How did you insure that the braces could hold the weight of both the wood you used for the shelves and anything you wanted to place onto the finished shelves? Half an inch seems flimsy to me. Just curious, being that I seek for to do something similar in our main upstairs bath. Keep reading. Let’s may be a part of a larger bathroom storage system.

You need to pull out everything you have to organize, whenever you’re looking to organize any area of your home.

In the bathroom this going to be all of your towels, all of your makeup and lotions and all of your soaps and cleaning supplies. These could’ve been seasonal items or deep cleaning items. They need to be the most accessible. Look, there’re products that you use each moth or once any other month or even just a couple times a year. Your toothbrushes might be right near the sink. Put them right at arm’s reach. Determine where you use them now.

This is the case. That said, this might be curling iron, or certain cleaners. Generally, you have stuff that you use any single day. Toilet paper holder going to be right near the toilet. What you should better do next is to take the things that you use every single day. By how frequently you use it, you look for to organize it not by where you use it.

Look, there’re products you use once a week or so.

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